What Are the Predators of Snakes?

Fort Lauderdale snake

It may be difficult for some people to believe it, but snakes have some natural enemies they need to be wary of. Perhaps people think that they are large and scary creatures, and there are hardly any animals that are willing to take the risk of getting injected by their deadly venom. Baby snakes can be an easy target of mammals and birds. However, as they grow older, they will be vulnerable to bigger predators such as humans.

What Animals Eat Snakes?
Birds are one of the primary predators of snakes, which is not only limited by the birds-of-prey, but they can also be vulnerable to small birds that love the taste of the baby snake. The Secretary Birds will continuously stomp on the bird and throw them up in the air. Eventually, the snake may die due to a heightened level of stress. Road Runner also loves eating the snakes; however, they may prefer other delicacies other than snakes. Even large spiders can be a threat to the life of smaller snakes. Some spiders have enough venom to subjugate the pit viper. The eggs of this creature can also draw the attention of different omnivores and carnivores.

What Animals Kill the Most Snakes?
The most widespread and efficient predator of the snakes would be humans. Our species has destroyed more snake's habitat and killed more snakes than any other predators of this reptile. Some people and culture love the taste of its meat. The scales of the serpent can be used in making premium bags and shoes. Urbanization has also led to the dwindling natural habitat of the snakes.

Can Animals Kill a Python?
The smaller pythons can be vulnerable to different birds and other snakes. They can also be attacked by spiders, large insects, giant frogs, hyenas, and wild dogs. For the adult pythons, they can be eaten by leopards, lions, and large birds. Pythons can be extremely vulnerable after they have a large meal since they cannot move fast. If they feel that they are being threatened, they will form a shape of a ball or may even try to escape. Once cornered, they will not hesitate to attack the predator.

Can Mongoose Kill a Python?
Mongoose has been brutal in eliminating the presence of snakes in US Virgin Island and Puerto Rico. They are known for their ability to kill the venomous king cobra, and yes, they can kill the smaller pythons. However, mongoose does not only eat snakes. They also love the taste of fruits, insects, and smaller mammals. There was an incident when the mongoose had been introduced in a particular area to eradicate the snake in the past. Unfortunately, this animal targeted the mammals and birds that nest on the ground.

Snakes have various ways to protect themselves from the threat of their predators. For instance, their scales' colors make it easy for them to blend in with their surroundings and become virtually unnoticeable. They can also borrow their body under the sands and piles of leaves to escape these animals. Go back to the home page: Snakes of Fort Lauderdale